Current Art News From Around the Web


News About the Plastic, Theatrical, and Cinematic Art Worlds

If you’re a lover of the visual arts like me, then you frequently enjoy seeing and reading articles about art.

But it takes time to hunt those articles down. When you do decide that you’ll spend an enjoyable few minutes or more looking at and reading about art, you have to find the most interesting source.

Consequently, I decided to create a special page here on Watercolors by Martin that summarizes in an easy-to-read way the latest news about the arts from the most interesting sites and from the best blogs.

You can scan the opening paragraphs of the latest art news from all over the web here. If the item catches your fancy, all you have to do is click on the link and you’ll go directly to the complete article on its site in a new window.

The RSS feeds that are mined for this page result in a great collection, updated every hour, of news about all aspects of art activity going on in the world today. Just click on any link that captures your interest.